Healthcare 360° Virtual Tours

Healthcare 360° Virtual Tours

Showcase your facilities on your homepage, in social media or through a news blog. Interactive panoramas stitched into responsive virtual tours is a fun way of getting to know your center and feeling welcome. We will make sure to build your virtual tour with respect to your business’s specificity and show it in the most attractive perspective.



Healthcare 360° Virtual Tours feature:


• iOS/HTML5 compatible
• Tours work on iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android and Flash
• Custom designed interface for a unique experience
• Featured photos
• Include movies in the virtual tour
• Sound tracks, ambient sounds or voiceovers
• Links to web sites


• Links to media
• Interactive maps and floor plans
• Integrated information points and pop-ups
• Links to Social Media
• Custom Text Banners
• Gyroscope-enabled interactivity
• Logo Branding




Book a free consultation now and feel connected through your virtual presentation. We are available for online consultations and bookings in Europe. So just drop us a line and let us tell you how your new 360° hotel virtual tour can instantly put you ahead of your competition.